Monitoring Program Services

The Clinical Center of Excellence at NYU Langone Medical Center provides a baseline for new enrollees and annual follow-up examinations to all members via monitoring exams. The following monitoring services are provided to members, at no cost:

Monitoring exams are important to protecting your health, and members can have one of these visits every year. Each new monitoring exam gives your doctors a new baseline against which to compare the exam results from previous years. These comparisons are helpful to doctors because they can track changes to your health over time.

Monitoring your health over time is very important for two reasons. First, many WTC-related illnesses can take years to develop and manifest. Second, even though you may feel fine, changes to your body may already be taking place. Monitoring exams can pick up on these changes regardless of whether you can feel them.

At NYU, monitoring takes time and may involve several different staff specialists including doctors, nurses, technicians, and support personnel, all working together to catch any WTC-related illnesses as early as possible so treatment can begin. Monitoring visits also allow you the chance to learn about lifestyle practices that can improve your health.