Pharmacy Services

For current WTC patients receiving covered medications through NYU Pharmacy:
Once you receive your medication(s), please note that on the left hand side of each of your medication bottle or box, there is a RX # (the number directly above your name). On the lower right hand side of your medication bottle or box, there will be an indication of how many refills you have remaining.

If you have refills left, you may call the automatic refill line (212-263-7319) no more than 7 days before your medication runs out to request your next month’s supply.
Please note: If you would prefer to receive your remaining refills automatically without calling in every month, you may request the NYU Pharmacy for automatic refill feature by calling the pharmacy or letting our NYUSOM WTC staff know.

If you DO NOT have refills left and have not seen your WTC treatment physician within the last three months, you will need to call our office for a treatment appointment with your WTC treating physician. To avoid a delay in receiving your medications, DO NOT WAIT until your medications runt out completely before calling for an appointment.

Special Notes:
Please remember to keep up-to-date on your yearly monitoring exam. Our WTC staff will be calling you when you are due for monitoring to set up an appointment. Only WTC authorized physicians’ prescriptions for WTC-covered medications will be covered by the program. Unauthorized prescriptions will not be covered.

Please call our office at 212-263-7335 Mondays to Fridays between 9am and 5pm if you have any issues with medications. During off hours, please leave a message at 212-562-4572.

NYU Outpatient Pharmacy Link:
Pharmacy Automated Refill Line: 212-263-7319
WTC Clinic: 212-263-7335