Mental Health Treatment Services


The Mental Health Treatment Program in the NYUSOM CCE provides confidential mental health services, including evaluation and treatment, for NYUSOM CCE members at no cost. The mental health team is comprised of psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, postdoctoral fellows and research assistants with expertise in occupational stress and posttraumatic sequelae


The Mental Health Treatment Program in the NYUSOM CCE is designed to accomplish a specific set of objectives derived from the service philosophy of improving health and behavioral health outcomes for patients with acute, chronic or recurrent conditions related to their exposure to the events of 9/11/01. Program goals include:

  • Treating or referring for treatment all individuals who are enrolled WTC responders at the NYUSOM CCE who present themselves for treatment of a WTC-related health condition and/or medically associated WTC-related health condition as certified by the WTC Program Administrator.
  • Providing evidence-based treatment for WTC-related mental health conditions.
  • Integrating practice-based evidence into treatment.


There are several different types of services that occur within the NYUSOM CCE Mental Health Treatment Program. In all cases, the service provided by NYUSOM CCE is a) consistent with the regulatory definition, b) consistent with the recipient's goals, objectives and diagnosis and c) provided by a member of the NYUSOM CCE staff. Services include:

  • Periodic monitoring/screening for WTC-related mental health conditions
  • Outpatient individual psychotherapy
  • Outpatient group psychotherapy
  • Outpatient couples therapy
  • Outpatient psychopharmocology
  • Psychological testing


Our professional team is diverse, with a wide variety of life experiences, cultural backgrounds, and professional expertise. We find that these variations in worldview and training facilitate more nuanced and effective treatment for our patients.  We provide services in both Spanish and English.

Current staff

Past staff

Responders seen

The NYUSOM CCE mental health treatment program has seen more than 400 first responders for mental health assessment and/or treatment since 2007. Our patients represent a variety of occupations including law enforcement/NYPD, public sector employees, technical and utility workers, healthcare personnel, transportation workers, federal employees, cleaning/maintenance personnel, emergency medical technicians/paramedics, construction workers, iron workers, firefighters, media personnel, and volunteers.